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Visit Casa De Arte

The art gallery and the sculpture garden are open throughout the year for visitors. However due to covid, we are requesting our guests to kindly book an appointment in advance. This will help the hosts to prepare the space for your visit and make all necessary arrangements for a warm welcome and a safe visit for you and your family or friends.

During your visit, the hosts will give you a tour of the space, introduce the many artworks diplayed in the gallery and the garden.
You can also make a reservation at the Bernina Artisan Food so that the chef can prepare to welcome you and serve you with some gourmet preparations.

A casual visit to Casa De Arte is free of charge. You are Welcome to purchase art from the gallery and edibles from the restaurant.

Casa De Arte

Immersive Experience

Casa De Arte is not just an art gallery but a handcrafted tale written in colors and clay by the hands of Helga Denoth, a renowned Swiss-Costarican Artist and her daughter Ladina Denoth.

Every piece of art, every painting and sculpture has a unique story, inspired by life and experiences of the artists. Nestled in the small town of Nicoya Peninsula, this space is known to teleport visitors into the creative, meditative and spiritual realms within them and is often called a transformative experience.
The way this visit is different from a casual visit is that, the hosts will arrange a more intimate rendezvous with art, meet and greet with the artists, sharing stories of art and passion, an experiment with color and canvas for you and your family/friends/group, a walk through the sculpture garden, fruit picking, refreshments (wine/ tea & snacks).

For this, more immersive experience, we request our guests to book their visits in advance. For prices and bookings, please email

Casa De Arte

Learn, Create, Inspire, Live with Art

Discover art making and learning techniques from the artits at Casa de Arte. Learn to express yourself through colors on canvas, creating sculptures and murals and many other forms including use of waste material to créate amazing installations.

Find the activity that suits your style and interest. Some are fun to do together or on one’s own, some offer a means to slow down and enjoy time some to test your speed and skill level; and others will provide new insights into familiar and less familiar work.
These activities are great, not just for children but also adults of all age groups.

To know more about these activities, write to us at